November 22, 2019 - mejonas


I was born in la ciudad de Mexico, to two hard working, motivating and empowering parents that have dedicated their lives to succeeding- despite the odds held against them. Both of them had minimal education, but have always had a very brave and wise mindset. My parents have always been hard working and courageous people who have never let fears control their destiny. They take what life gives them- good or bad, and they make the most of it. To me, they embody the definition of what it means to be someone who embraces their struggles and makes an effort to surpass them. To me, they embody what it means to be a dreamer, and have become my biggest motivation.
With the help of my family, I have strived to further my education. Despite being “DACA-mented,” I graduated from Round Lake High School in May of 2016, and just this May, I graduated from College of Lake County with an Associate in the Arts. I will continue to further my education in hopes of pursuing a career in Secondary Education. My dream is to one day be able to teach High School History and Social Science. I also hope to eventually bring Latinx, African American, gender & sexuality classes to high schools to help promote awareness, inclusivity and empowerment.
I have spent the last few years of my life making the “land of the free” a home to not just myself, but the thousands of immigrants who come to America in search of a brighter future for themselves and their families. These last few years have been a journey full of barriers and struggles, that I have managed to make my way through with great pride and resilience. In the midst of my struggles, I have found a voice within me that I have used to help those unheard, be heard. It is that same voice that empowers me to do everything in my power to strive for social change and dismantle oppressive systems that try to hold us down.
I carry my title of a DACA “Dreamer” with great pride, and have learned to not let my status define me, but give me the courage to not only resist and persevere, but help others in the process do the same. Helping at HACES has allowed me to continue helping others persevere and succeed. HACES is a community full of beautiful, caring people who take great pride in helping our immigrant families continue to pursue the “American Dream.” I am beyond lucky to be part of such an empowering community! There is a quote that I carry very close to my heart by Gloria Anzaldua: To survive the borderlands, you must live sin fronteras- be a crossroads”- HACES is that crossroads, and I am so thankful for them.