Unificación Familiar

The Family Unification Program offers low or no cost comprehensive assistance in immigration services. These include case review, case preparation, management, translation of documents, renewal of legal resident cards and family petitions. Our bilingual, Board of Immigration accredited staff has over 20 years of experience providing these services.

We also offer assistance with preparing unlawful presence waivers of inadmissibility and applications for parole in place for military family members. The formalization of parole in place for military family members by USCIS in 2013 has greatly facilitated the process in which undocumented immigrants can adjust their legal status within the country, even after having entered unlawfully. Since this new process was formalized, we have been consulting with both new and old clients to offer this new form of relief from having to leave the country for extended periods of time to acquire legal residency. The number of our parole in place cases is steadily growing and we are extremely happy and grateful to be able to offer this assistance to family members of those serving in our Armed Forces.

Further, our Board of Immigration Appeal (BIA) accredited staff helps clients develop compelling arguments for their waivers, supported by organized and detailed documented evidence. We assist applicants in submitting their applications for unlawful presence waivers through both the previous and new provisional processing method. The new provisional processing method – which was introduced in 2013 for qualifying applicants – has been a great boon to our clients because it significantly reduces the time they have to spend in a foreign country, separated from

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