HACES ensures that every immigrant that walks through its doors gets accurate and useful information that enables them to build successful lives.

HACES is the community leader in services to immigrants dedicated to building a just and prosperous society where equal opportunity and representation are accessible to all.

Our Mission

HACES’ mission is "to provide the expertise and navigational support for immigrants and citizens to become knowledgeable, empowered members of society".

We are consciously committed to meeting the vast needs of our diverse and growing immigrant community in Lake County. Our services focus on securing equal rights and opportunities for these individuals by providing a full spectrum of services which cover the individuals and families throughout their successful lives in the United States. HACES provides immigration, citizenship, DREAMer renewals, health education and community resources.

HACES empowers immigrants to actively participate in making our country a better place!

HACES is here to give you a helping hand with any difficulty that you may be facing.