December 13, 2016 - HACES

Yes, it is possible

I am Cindy Ruiz, I work at HACES as the DACA case manager. I was born and raised in Waukegan IL. My paternal grandparents and family including my father migrated from Mexico in the early 50’s. During my school years, I spent my vacation time in a town near Guadalajara Mexico. I grew up speaking Spanish to my parents and English to my sisters so I am proud to be bilingual. I never face the fear for the name “immigration” since we travel to Mexico almost every year without a problem. My first immigration challenge happened when married. My husband could not return if he exited the US because he had been in the US with an expired visa permit. I consulted with several local notaries and with a renowned attorney in Chicago. Everyone told me that he needed to leave the country and there was no warranty if he would get his residency. Someone had recommended me to see Mrs. Jonas. I had a consultation with her and she reassured me that my husband was fortunate to be here with a visa and that he would be able to do his process in Chicago. And that’s exactly what happened! My husband and I were so grateful to HACES that we began volunteering at the citizenship workshops for three years. In 2013 I was offered the position of DACA case manager, and this year, I became accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals. Last year I convinced my mom to apply for citizenship. She faithfully attended all citizenship classes, passed her test, and now she is a US citizen. I also made sure that my sisters were registered to vote. And…what happened to my husband? My husband is now on his way to become a US Citizen and a registered voter as well.

“Si se puede”